Tag Team

Two years ago we introduced an event called Tag Team. It was a huge hit so we're bringing it back for round two. Grab a buddy, sign up, and then we don't have to hear from the whiners who wish they had signed up. Do it!


  1. Matches are 6 minutes continuous running clock.
  2. Two member teams
  3. No age categories
  4. Weight classes: 
  5. Lower: 150 and below
  6. Middle: 151-180
  7. Heavy: 181 and above
  8. Both wrestlers from both teams must wrestle in the match at least 1 minute minimum unless pinned
  9. Tagging is from a designated corner and the wrestler tagging in must stay in the corner boundary and cannot touch the mat with any part of his body other than his feet
  10. Other than 1 minute wrestling time, there is no limit to the number of tags a team can make during the match
  11. The most points scored wins or alternatively if both members of the opposing team are pinned during the match
  12. If there is a tied score then each team selects a member to wrestle overtime
  13. During overtime there is no time limit and the first technical point scored wins the match for the team
  14. After every tag wrestlers will stop action, be stood up, and resume wrestling on their feet from the position of the tag
  15. Straight 8 man bracketing with double elimination will be used
  16. Cost is $10.00 per person per team in addition to each entrant’s personal entry fee
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